Artist's E-mail Campaign

Abstract artist, Lou Bermingham as been a client of ours since 2008.  We’ve enjoyed each new work of art he has produced, visits to galleries and museums to see his work (and sip some wine at the opening receptions), and making a few web sites for him.  There could not be a person more deserving of succeed in this competitive field.

We also send out e-mails to his quickly growing e-mail list.  We keep them simple – just an image of one of his works and text to the right in an area which fits nicely into a smartphone screen without side-scrolling.

Lou is the idea client with an ideal audience to include a “share to Facebook” link on his e-mail campaigns.

With an average list of a few hundred friends for each Facebook account, there’s a huge potential to get your product and brand under the noses of possible new clients.

Below is a sample of the above e-mail shared to the MPS Facebook page.

Interested in Lou’s art?  Visit his MPS website.  And here’s the e-mail campaign.



The bottom line: there’s lots of detail in this article, but we know you are mostly interested in the cost, so an up to date price quote is at the end of this page, and here’s a link to our e-mail campaign portfolio where you can see samples of some launched campaigns.  We also have a blog post explaining the three types of campaigns that are working currently for our clients.

The initial set up and design takes some time and thought, but once up and running, e–mail campaigns are a great way to keep your brand in front of your customers, drive people to your web site, promote your business and events, and as well as attract new customers.

E–mail campaign designs should:

  • be designed and coded in such as way as to not get caught in spam filters,
  • be coded so they render cleanly in any e–mail client, on any system, including tablets and smartphones,
  • be concise,
  • drive people to your web site, on-line store, or appointment forms with links,
  • use graphics intelligently so they don’t hinder load time, readability on all devices, and deliverability,
  • carry your branding throughout,
  • contain calls to action, and
  • be designed so you may use the same template for each launch, making simple edits to text, colors, and photos without re-coding each time.

The initial steps in the process are:

  • deciding upon your e-mailer design,
  • how to manage your e–mail list,
  • designing and coding your email template (this same template will be used from e–mail to e–mail, making updates easy and providing your recipients with consistency),
  • collection of e–mail addresses, and
  • the account set up.

These above steps are discussed in our initial meeting and are not repeated after the first e–mail campaign.


One time set-up costs:

  • Design drafts, half an hour to two hours depending upon type of e-mailer.
  • E–mail template coding, one hour to three hours depending upon type of e-mailer. The simpler the template design, the faster the code is written.
  • Set up of e-mail campaign service provider account, half an hour including collection of your contact information.
  • Cost of initial e–mail address list set up depends upon how much training is needed. A good estimate is one hour for someone computer savvy, but needing a little support with their e–mail client and with Excel.

Here are the steps which are repeated with each following campaign:

  • Entering content to the template, half to one hour. This assumes a few graphics and several paragraphs of text copy, and also that the content provided is publish-ready and fits to the e–mail template already coded.
  • Entering html to e-mail campaign platform and sending you a test e–mail, half an hour.
  • Formatting the address list and uploading to e-mail campaign platform, fifteen minutes.
  • Launching e-mailer, fifteen minutes.
  • Reporting, FREE! A few days after the e-mail is sent to your address list, we will e–mail you a report with information which can be helpful to your future marketing. Report will include how many clicks the e–mail generated to a linked web pages, who has opted off of your mailing list, your open rate, which e–mail addresses are not valid, and if any of your e–mails were forwarded and if these recipients added their address to your mailing list.
  • Also no charge, lot of tips along the way on how to produce an effective e–mail campaign, and how e–mail campaigns can help your web site’s search engine optimization.

The final summary is that the first campaign will take 4.5 to 8.5 hours to produce, and that following e–mails will take 1.5 to 2 hours of work. Our rate is $130/hour. The charge from the e-mail campaign platform will depend upon the size of your mailing list. Please contact John with any questions.

These prices do not include a “post to Facebook” sharer link. Cost for this vary.  If interested, let us know.


Nueva School Signage

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been working with Hope Patricia Daly Public Relations on a class catalog and signage for Nueva School’s annual Intersession.  Intersession is a two week “experimental and intellectual feast” which engages the students in an interactive way on topics not found in typical high schools.  I’ve pasted a capture of one of the posters we made so you can see some of the amazing seminars and activities offered.

Thanks, Hope, for bringing us into this eye-opening project.




Tear Off Referral CardWe worked with a new printer,, to make this referral card.

Referral cards are difficult.  They need to be small enough that someone would carry it around.  Nice enough that people will pass them onto their friends.  They need to track the giver and the receiver so that the rewards can be passed on and so you can track your ROI.

Our client has been handing these out all holiday season.  We’re looking forward to finding out if they do bring in new clients – it’s a great offer for the giver and receiver, so they should.