Instagram Repost

Instagram does not have a share or repost feature as their intent is that content be original, rather than the same material shared around. There’s two ways you can repost on Instagram, with or without an app.

Instagram Re-poster App


Visit Google Play or the App Store from your smartphone and search for “repost for instagram” or “repost for instagram”. You’ll get a lot of options – read the reviews and pick the one that works for you. Free apps have been fine for us.

Directions will vary for each app and type of phone, but this should give you enough info to work it out. 

Once you have the app installed:

1 – Be sure you are logged into the Instagram account to which you wish to post! If yes, go to #2 below. If not, you’ll need to be sure to memorize the Instagram handle of the post you wish to repost, and when you are logged into your correct Instagram account, search for the handle of the poster, and find the post you wish to repost.

2 – Click the three little dots at the top/right of the post – you’ll get a drop-down with several options if the poster’s settings allow a re-post.  Select “Copy Link”.

3 – Open your repost app and the post you just copied will be waiting for you at the top of the list. Click on it.

4 – You’ll have options for where to put the attribution mark and how it will look, whether to copy the original poster’s text as well as the photo (you’ll get to edit the text at the next step), and whether to post to your story or feed.

5 – You’ll be in Instagram now. If you wish, add multiple photos or videos to the post or apply a filter. Go to “next”.

6 – If you copied the text from the original poster, double tap the “caption” area and paste. Or write your own copy. Either way, you can edit the text or add hashtags.

7 – Add your location if you wish, and share.



Instagram Repost No App

(Technically, not a re-post, but it gets the job done.)

On your phone, do a screen capture of the post.

Note the poster’s Instagram handle.

Open Instagram and use the cropping feature to crop out everything except the photo.

Then post as you do usually. Thank the poster and use a @hashtag with their Instagram handle.

(If you want to be re-posted, be a brand ambassador and do as this poster, @mercygoddard did – be a brand’s dream Instagrammer. She tagged the photo with our clients name so it was easy for me to find the post. Plus she made a great photo that fits our client’s brand and looks beautiful with her Halo Fab Blow Out.)