We always love a call from MenloVille La Vita Verde for a photoshoot as we know it’s going to be something beautiful. This time, we were at at Sand Hill Business Park shooting the incredible gardens created by Lisa of MenloVille.

It’s a huge campus and it took a long time to work our way around to cover all the wide-angle vistas down to the thoughtful details in the gardens designs.

Lisa’s talent in landscaping is how she creates layers within each segment of the garden using details like succulents planted in rocks, crystals, and statuary. She’s done a beautiful job updating the 1970’s style of the campus gardens – making the overall vibe of the property more modern, interesting, and inviting to a visitor, and bringing places of rest, socialization, and inspiration to hard-working employees.

We also included some “artistic” filtering on some of the shots. Here’s the entire album…